Things you should not search on Google

things you should not search on Google

We search the biggest and the smallest things on Google and in this affair, many times we eat the wrong medicine, and sometimes the money disappears from the bank account. So the question is, what should we search on Google and what should we not do? Let’s know …

App search

Don’t forget to search for any mobile and download it on Google. If you have an Android phone, search any app from the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone, download it from the App Store. On downloading the app from the link found on Google, a spy app can reach your phone or a virus can be inserted.

Searching about the bank details

Searching the bank on Google can make all your accounts disappear. We are saying this because as soon as you search about a bank on Google, the link to the fake website, mostly named after your bank, comes at the top. Those who run fake websites in the name of banks make their marketing rank up by giving money to online marketing companies. You can be cheated by taking information from your bank through these fake websites.

Drug search

If you are ill or have a disease, see a doctor. Do not buy medicine by searching on Google, otherwise, you may have to lose your life. There have been many such cases that the disease has increased by searching on Google and eating medicine.

Shopping offers

Searching Google about online shopping sites and offers it is dangerous because many fake websites will be found in the first results on which you can be cheated in the name of offers. Search on Google should not use coupons found for any shopping.

Share market tips

Most people want to invest in the stock market, but they do not know where and how to invest money. For this, they immediately go to Google. Searching for stock market tips on Google can give you big losses because many fake cyber thugs are sitting on their websites to cheat you.

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