Does Generation of Processor Matter?

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            We see technological advancement around us. The size of computers have been reduced into a handheld smart phone. Everyone may have a question about the processors about its generation. For example, we have been seeing an Intel i5 processor for a long time. Every year Intel introduces having the same name in the past years but mentions its generation.

Generation Matter

The processor introduced in the past years, for example, a 4th Generation i7 processor and later introduced 8th Generation i7 processor. What change does the Intel does? Everyone may have this question. For example, the 4th Gen i7-4777K which was launched couple of years ago and 8th Gen i7-8700K, they are the i7 processors launched. Can both withstand and give the result equivalently? So, here are the answers that can cover up most of your doubts. Both the processors have different number of threads, Cache Memory capacity and the number of Cores built as well as the PCIe lanes.

Threads  refers to highest level of code executed by a processor, so with many Threads the CPU can handle multiple tasks at the same time efficiently. The number of threads you have depends on the number of cores in your CPU. Each CPU core can have two threads. So a processor with two cores will have four threads. A processor with eight cores will have 16 threads.

4th Gen- Four Core and Four Threads

            The comparison between the 4th Gen and 8Th Gen will give you more idea and resolve more of your doubts which are tabulated below:-

4th Gen i7 Processor 8th Gen i7 Processor
4 Cores and 4 Threads 6 Cores and 12 Threads
8 MB Cache Memory 12 MB Cache Memory
Base Frequency- 4.2 GHz Boosted Frequency- 4.5 Ghz Base Frequency- 3.7 GHz Boosted Frequency- 4.7 GHz
No PCIe lanes 16 PCIe lanes

On the other hand, the similarities of both Gen Processors are:

  • Both Gen Processors support 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Both processors have the same 1151 sockets.
  • Both processor’s size is 14 Nano-meters.

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