Bluebook and license renewal are now online, how to get the service?

The entire vehicle tax can be pay through the online system. Arrangements have been made to digitize all vehicle taxes and pay them online. Bluebook and license renewal

The Bagmati state government has made arrangements to pay a license fee, vehicle tax, bluebook renewal fee, and fine online. This will remove the obligation to stand in line to pay for works including the renewal of bluebooks.

Vehicle Bluebook and license can be renewed online, also in the citizen app

Tax and renewal of vehicles registered in Bagmati Pradesh pay electronically.

Bluebook and license renewal

In a ceremony on Friday, Minister for Physical Infrastructure Rameshwar Khanal says that the obligation to wait in line has been removed while paying all the taxes related to transportation online.

Tax payment is done through digital service providers such as mobile wallets, e-banking, said the Transportation Management Office, Hetauda.

Service operated only in Bagmati province at the initial stage but it will be implemented across the country soon, according to the provincial office.

The transport office is confident that this will prevent congestion in the transport office as well as economic activities.

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Bluebook and license renewal