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Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal 2022

There is no doubt that Nokia mobile phones have been an integral part of the cellular industry since time immemorial. The company has been loyal to the Nepali market, and to date, there are users looking to buy the latest Nokia mobiles in the market. Having said that, choosing the right phone can sometimes be very difficult considering the huge range of mobile phones that Nokia has to offer. If you’re looking for new Nokia phone models, the following list from Digit can no doubt show you the right path. In this list, the price list of a detailed Nokia phone has been given. Nokia mobile price in Nepal is very budget-friendly. This list will help you choose the best phone as per your needs, and you will be able to choose the right one without any hesitation.

Nokia Mobile price in Nepal

Nokia C20 (2/32GB)
Rs. 10,999
Nokia 1.4 (2/32GB)
Rs. 12,899
Nokia 1.4 (3/64GB)
Rs. 13,999
Nokia C30 (2/32GB)
Rs. 12,999
Nokia G10 (4/64GB)
Rs. 16,999
Nokia G20 (4/64GB)
Rs. 19,999
Nokia 105 SS (2017) (Single SIM)
Rs. 1,999
Nokia 105 DS (2017) (Dual SIM)
Rs. 2,099
Nokia 110 DS
Rs. 2,750
Nokia 125 DS
Rs. 3,099
Nokia 150 (2020)
Rs. 3,799
Nokia 210 DS
Rs. 4,199
Nokia 5310 DS
Rs. 5,449
Nokia 6310 DS
Rs. 6,299
Nokia C1 (1/16GB)
Rs. 7,199
Nokia C1 2nd Gen (1/16GB)
Rs. 7,699
Nokia C1 Plus (1/16GB)
Rs. 8,399
Nokia C2 (1/16GB)
Rs. 9,299
Nokia C20 (1/16GB)
Rs. 9,999