Why you don’t need to upgrade your phone annually ? Do not rush to buy a new smartphone.

Why you don’t need to upgrade your phone annually ? Buy a new smartphone

Do not rush to buy a new smartphone. Most likely, it is not necessary.

Experts explained why you should not update your gadget every year.

Every year, Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers at their presentations offer users to replace their old smartphones with more technologically advanced ones, but most gadgets can remain relevant and serve us much longer than we used to think.

Often, smartphone owners are no longer satisfied with their current device for no apparent reason; this issue is especially acute after the launch of new versions of the device.

Users begin to complain about problems with the battery, memory, and other functions of the gadget.

Weak battery

On average, a smartphone retains its relevance for about two years. If we are talking about the middle segment or flagships, then there is a minimum of four years.

One of the main complaints of users who are on fire with the idea of buying a new gadget is the inability to keep the battery of the old device.

This is an average for most modern smartphones, as they are all equipped with many power-hungry features, such as geolocation, high display refresh rates, etc.

Some batteries do fail prematurely, but this fact is not a death sentence for a smartphone. Replacing the battery will cost many times cheaper than buying a new gadget.

Not enough memory

Some users of older smartphones may find a notification that says that the drive is full.

At the same time, many are limited only to deleting unnecessary applications, and at some point they are faced with the fact that there is nothing more to delete and the memory has not been freed.

If the smartphone does not provide the ability to install an SD card to expand the memory, there are several solutions to this problem.

Secondly, you can transfer large and important files to a computer, an external hard drive, a flash drive, or use cloud storage.

The latter solution may be the most convenient, since it does not require investment—many resources provide a certain amount of space for free, and with an Internet connection, you can always access files in the cloud.

Updates are not coming.

Another problem that may force a user to think about an upgrade is the lack of up-to-date operating system updates.

This argument is one of the most important, since the safety and security of the personal data of the owner of the gadget depend on it, but even in this case, you should not run to the store immediately after the next launch.

Apple keeps its devices up-to-date for a very long time.

For iOS fans,

it is recommended to think about buying a new device when the device no longer receives updates or if the device ceases to cope with user tasks (long processing of requests, lags, external damage).

In the case of smartphones running Android, everything is much more complicated: “The period of support for devices on this platform is much shorter than that of a competitor, and it also differs from the manufacturer.

Therefore, you should think about how long ago your device received system updates. Also, as in the case of iOS, if the device ceases to cope with the tasks of the user, this indicates that the time has come to replace the familiar smartphone.”

When is it really worth buying a new device and not considering it a whim? According to Expert, if we talk about the need to change a smartphone, then this is more often about obsolescence: people want to try something new.

“In this case, the deadline is based on the budget.” “In general, the average life of a smartphone is 3–4 years,” the expert believes.

We recommend not rushing to replace the phone because frequent purchases of new devices lead to the depletion of the planet’s resources and increase the level of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Buy a new smartphone

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