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Apple iPhone Price in Nepal 2022

Apple iPhone Price in Nepal 2022

Apple mobile phones have been ruling the smartphone industry since time immemorial. Users around the world agree that no other smartphone will satisfy you if you have used an iPhone. Powered by the unbeatable Bionic chip, an iPhone is not only the fastest, but it also has a Liquid Retina display and a great camera to take perfect shots. Apple has one of the most attractive hardware in the market which is premium. If you are looking for a new phone model from Apple, the following list might help you. This list includes the price list of all updated Apple mobiles in Nepal and all the features and specifications. So, Are you thinking about buying the iPhone here is a price list

Apple iPhones Price in Nepal 2022

iPhone 13 Pro Max :
Rs. 189,989 (128GB)
Rs. 205,989 (256GB)
Rs. 239,989 (512GB)
Rs. 274,989 (1TB)

iPhone 13 Pro :         
Rs. 174,989 (128GB)
Rs. 189,989 (256GB)
Rs. 224,989 (512GB)
Rs. 255,989 (1TB)

iPhone 13 :
Rs. 137,989 (128GB)
Rs. 154,989 (256GB)
Rs. 189,989 (512GB)

iPhone 13 Mini :
Rs. 120,989 (128GB)
Rs. 137,989 (256GB)
Rs. 171,989 (512GB)

iPhone 12 :
Rs. 120,989 (64GB)
Rs. 128,989 (128GB)
Rs. 144,989 (256GB)

iPhone 12 mini :       
Rs. 112,9089 (64GB)
Rs. 120,989 (128GB)
Rs. 136,989 (256GB)

iPhone 11 :
Rs. 86,989 (64GB)
Rs. 94,989 (128GB)

iPhone SE 2020
Rs. 70,099 (64GB)
Rs. 79,500 (128GB)
Rs. 96,000 (256GB)

Apple iPhone Price in Nepal 2022