Google Maps stops the guidance if you do not share your personal data …

The Google Maps mapping application now displays an alert asking users to share their data in exchange for its navigation capabilities.

Whether on Android or iOS, the Google Maps application now displays a message asking the user to authorize the collection of your data in order to be able to use some of the navigation functions.

Without this, several real-time navigation options will not be functional. It must be said that the mapping application performs an abundant collection of data, including GPS readings, to establish traffic conditions and display them in real-time or predict them through statistical analysis.

Increasingly formidable precision based on a billion kilometers collected every day on the planet thanks to the Google Maps application used by many drivers.

By canceling these new conditions of use, without collecting this data, the application will no longer deliver navigation tracking like a GPS with local instructions.

The Internet giant emphasizes that the data collected is in no way personal and associated with your Google account. Apart from this new need to grant this permission to Google, there would be no change from before.