Social media take a stand to protect Afghans from Taliban

In view of the brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the social media app Facebook has taken major action. Under this, now Facebook users there will not be able to see the friend list of any other account. Facebook has implemented it temporarily.

Facebook’s head of security policy, The option to view or search people’s friend lists on Facebook has been temporarily turned off. This is an attempt to protect Afghan users from possible attacks from the Taliban.

Gleicher said in a social media post that after a week of hard work, Facebook has developed a one-click tool for people in Afghanistan that allows them to close their accounts.

It was feared that the Taliban could track the social connections and digital history of Afghan citizens with the help of social sites.

Social media companies worry about users

Facebook launched a ‘one-click tool’ for its users. After using the tool, people who are not on their friend’s list will not be able to see their timeline posts or share their profile photos.
Twitter is working on deleting old tweets as soon as possible. For this, the company is taking the help of the Internet Archive.

If Afghan citizens are unable to access accounts containing their vital information, the company may temporarily close these accounts.

The company said that the accounts will be kept locked until users access these accounts and delete all important information related to them.

LinkedIn has hidden the connections of its users. According to the company spokesperson, after this, other users will no longer be able to access this information on the social media site.

Human rights organizations and journalists had raised a demand from social media companies to keep the information of the Afghan people safe.

Along with Facebook, social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are also taking steps in this direction. Under this, all companies are securing the social media accounts of Afghan users to protect them from the Taliban.

Earlier, many human rights organizations and journalists had asked social media companies to pay attention to this. It said that the extremist organization Taliban can track the social connections and digital history of Afghan citizens with the help of these sites.