Mobiles brought from aboard ! you can’t use a SIM card if you don’t register within two months?

Now mobile users have to register mobile IMEI within the next two months.

The government is preparing to implement to control illegal mobiles in Nepal.

Preparations to bring MDMS into operation under NEA saying that revenue leakage and security challenge has increased due to illegally imported mobiles.

Accordingly, the government had made it mandatory to register mobile phones within the current fiscal year 2078/79 BS.

The decision was taken at a meeting on Tuesday convened by Shishir Kumar Dhungana (Secretary of prime Minister and Office of the Council of Ministers) to manage the use of the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS), which the government is preparing to implement to control illegal mobiles.

The meeting, which also included representatives of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the Customs Department, and the Mobile Importers Association, also decided to send SMS to users to register their mobiles within two months.

If the mobile phone is not registered within the stipulated time limit, it will not be possible to use the SIM card on such a mobile phone.

The meeting also decided to keep a server of MDMS by September 30 to keep statistics of imported mobiles.

Even though the registration process still going on, some of the remaining works of the MDMS system, especially the mobiles brought from abroad, should be registered in the system.

Mobile users who have purchased VAT within Nepal do not have to register.