Zoom adds features for virtual lessons where students can only see the teacher’s face

To keep students from being distracted

The video conferencing app Zoom has added a new feature, Focus Mode, to keep students from distracting each other during virtual lessons.

This focus mode was “designed with the digital learning environment in mind,” according to Zoom. When this function is enabled, the teacher or instructor (host) who is teaching can see all the students, but each student can only see the teacher (web camera that shows the host), and the students can see each other. I can’t see you. This makes it easier for students to focus on their lessons without being aware of how they are viewed by other students.

This also extends to screen sharing, where hosts and co-hosts (such as co-teachers) can see and switch between each participant’s shared screen, while participants can only see their own content. can not. And if the host decides that the participant’s content needs to be shared with others, it’s easy to share it.

This setting can be enabled at any time on the host site of the remote conference. For example, you can turn it on during class so that the students’ images are not shown, and turn it off when it is time for group discussions to talk while looking at each other’s faces.

Focus mode is also included in the free Zoom client, so it can be used not only for classes but also for other purposes such as business meetings and family gatherings. It seems to be useful for the break-in of video conferencing beginners who are not accustomed to seeing their faces over the net.