Smart Phone Addiction: 5 Proven Ways to Break Your Habit

These days smartphones and mobile phones are dominating people. Not only youth but from children to elders have become addicted to it. In such a situation, it’s very important to understand that whether you are wasting your time by using the smartphone excessively?

Young people and the smartphone, a relationship now so consolidated that it is impossible to imagine the lives of people away from their devices. If a conscious use of the mobile phone is important to establish social relationships even during the coronavirus-related pandemic, there are however some attitudes that can suggest a real addiction to the telephone. Here are what they are and what attitudes adolescents pay attention to.

There are other factors, including physical ones, that can suggest an addiction. Among these, there are unforeseen weight, recurring headache and back pain, visual disturbances, changes in sleep rhythms, but also a drastic reduction in social relationships, the sudden deterioration of school performance, lack of interest, and poor personal hygiene like Anxiety, irritability, weight loss, lack of attention, and sleep disturbance.

People who are addicted to smartphones, check their phones, again and again, they become restless when the phone turns off or when they forget to keep it somewhere. Such people are not able to live peacefully without a phone even for a few hours. Let us tell you how to get rid of smartphone addiction-

1. Change the pocket and purse in which you keep or keep the phone, for a few days, it will avoid getting into your hands immediately and in the meantime, you may be busy with some other work.

2. Turn off notifications by going to the smartphone’s settings. With this, your attention will not go to the notification beep of the phone again and again. If someone has any important work with you, then he will call you directly.

3. Keep your data off for some hours of the day, that is, keep the internet off. With this, your mind will not be tempted to look at the phone again and again and the battery will also be saved.

4. Make up your mind that as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will stay away from the phone for a few hours and keep the phone away only a few hours before going to sleep at night.

5. When you walk a short distance from the phone, then automatically your mind will start focusing on other favorite things, as well as you will be saved from many other types of problems.