Smartphone battery: tips to boost the life

Today we come up with something super important in day-to-day use and it’s like increasing the battery life of cell phones(Smartphone battery), whether it’s Android or iOS.

The battery life of our smartphones is not forever, and you have to know how to treat them.

 Avoid the heat/cold

It seems obvious and yet many users tend to push the batteries to their limits. Playing for a long time while the smartphone is charging,

It is strongly recommended not to leave the smartphone near places with high temperatures. If your smartphone use at an ambient temperature higher than 35 degrees Celsius, it can cause irreversible processes and damage the battery. It will not fully charge, discharge faster, or even swell, damage the body of the smartphone.

If batteries do not like hot, they are also not comfortable at low temperatures.

Do not leave your battery at 0% or let it charge at 100%

Have you ever wondered why when you unbox your brand new smartphone it showed between 40 and 50% battery? This is simply because it is the ideal range for the battery cells to be in the best condition. Obviously, we cannot always be between 40 and 50%.

We, therefore, advise you to recharge your smartphone as soon as the battery displays 30% until it reaches 60%. You will have to plug in your smartphone several times a day, but it is better than a full charge at the end of the day.

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