Microsoft ‘reminds’ about Windows 11 hardware requirements

During a recent Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) session, Microsoft confirmed that if a device is not fully compatible with Windows 11, it will not be offered the option to download it through Windows Update.

According to Techspot, a Microsoft representative said that some systems will not be eligible for Windows 11, and they are doing it to ensure compatible devices work more efficiently, providing a good experience and security. than.

Microsoft has issued a specific set of hardware requirements required to run Windows 11, this includes the device that needs the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 feature. it’s may determine whether a system is capable of running this operating system. Otherwise, the system will never get a chance to download the installation files.

The question is, will the community of enthusiasts find a solution? In response to this issue, a Microsoft representative noted that modifying the group policy will not allow users to avoid hardware enforcement for Windows 11.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, it’s entirely possible that tech enthusiasts will still try to find a solution that goes beyond the requirements of Windows 11.