Google changes backup solution in Android

Google Android has begun rolling out a new backup that will completely replace the existing backup tool. The new one is called Backup by Google One but also includes users who do not subscribe to Google One. The previous solution has included app data, text messages, call history contacts, and settings. Backup by Google One also includes photos, movies, and is unlike the standalone Google One app embedded in the operating system. This means that it will be available to most users, regardless of whether they subscribe to Google One or not, the differences are mainly in the amount of storage space where free users are limited to the usual 15 gigabytes.

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The new service will also combine several cloud services under the same umbrella, which will make it easier for users to manage several cloud services – not least on a new phone.

Backup by Google One has started rolling out to devices running Android 8 and later, and it will continue in the coming weeks.