Google Lens comes to Chrome browser for PC

Google Lens recognizes the object that exists in the image or the point where the camera is pointed and presents the content to the user. Until now, the mobile version was the first to develop the function, but in April this year, the OCR function was also introduced in the desktop version (web version) of “Google Photos”.

And in the desktop version of Chrome browser (version 92), which began to be distributed the other day, “Search Image in with Google Lens” was added to the right-click menu on the image. If you select this, you will be taken to the address of lenses.google.com and the result of analyzing the image with Google Lens will be displayed.

The lens.google.com site displays Wikipedia, “Top match” and similar images. You can also crop the search image on the left side. You can also upload new images from “Upload”.

In addition, this menu is not displayed in the environment of the author’s Chrome 92, and it seems that the rollout of the function is done sequentially.

From handwritten character recognition to formula decompression function, Google Lens introduces convenient functions that utilize AI one after another. It is likely that it will continue to be integrated into a wide range of Google services, from mobile to desktop.

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