Instagram allows users to control how much violent, sexually explicit posts they see

A new option from Instagram lets users control how many sensitive posts they see in the app’s Discover tab. Instagram announced the new feature in a blog post .

On Instagram’s discover screen, users are shown photos and videos from accounts they don’t follow, but which are presented by the underlying algorithm based on interest. Some of those images may be offensive, even if they don’t violate Instagram’s rules.

The photos app, therefore, wants to give users more control over how they handle sensitive messages. Such messages include, for example, images of violence or sexually explicit images. Suggestive messages can also be filtered, for example, if someone is seen in transparent clothing. Nude images and sexual acts are completely prohibited on Instagram.

Users can control at different levels how much sensitive content they want to see. By default, the option is set to ‘limit’, but there is also the option to ‘allow’, where users may see more photos and videos that can be shocking or offensive. This option is not available for people under the age of 18. You can also choose ‘limit even more, which further reduces the number of sensitive messages.

How to adjust how much sensitive content you see on Instagram op
Open de Instagram-app
Go to your profile and tap the menu (the three lines)
Open the settings and choose Account
Tap ‘Check for sensitive content’
Choose the degree of control