Why Netflix Is Looking At Video Games ?

Netflix has hired a former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive to run the section

The giant of television broadcasting live on the Internet ( streaming ) knows that to maintain the crown it must increasingly diversify its content. For this reason, Netflix has decided to bet on the video game industry and is considering the possibility of offering its own content from 2022.

Netflix will have to compete with other giants of the stature of Xbox, Sony, or Ubisoft that are leading in an industry that is multimillion-dollar. Netflix’s biggest competitor is not the big video game companies, but other digital platforms, such as Twitch. The successful Amazon broadcasting platform has a carousel of infinite games, with all kinds of games and people broadcasting them live, as well as influencer programs that cover many topics beyond video games; from politics to self-improvement talks.


Twitch has more than 73% of the market, despite the fact that big technology has threatened to end its reign. A task that is not being easy for them; Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming, owned by Google, have entered the ring and are far from the knockout. Now Netflix – with 25% of the television market and about 183 million subscribers, according to the latest Nielsen Holdings audience report – will be the one to enter the arena.