New feature of Facebook and Instagram, your account will be more secure, just follow these steps

In today’s era, millions of people use social media. In such a situation, the security of these accounts becomes very important. Instagram and Facebook have recently launched some great features.

Instagram-Facebook Features: The world’s most popular social media platforms Facebook and Instagram keep launching new features for their users from time to time. Recently some great features have been added to Instagram and Facebook, using which users will be able to have more control over their accounts. This will make your account more secure. Let’s take a look at these features.

Likes Count Hide Feature The Likes Count Hide

The feature has been launched for Instagram and Facebook, through which users can control whether anyone will be able to see the likes coming on their posts. Simply put, if you turn on this feature, then no one will be able to see the likes coming on your post. If you don’t turn it on, everyone will be able to see the likes on your posts.

Facebook users will be able to control Facebook users who have been given a new tool through which they will be able to filter the content coming on their Facebook feed. With this, you will be able to remove any objectionable content. This feature of Facebook can also be used a lot in the professional life of most people.

Make such an account more secure
1. Change the password of your Instagram and Facebook accounts from time to time. Also do not share the password with anyone.
2. Do not post any objectionable content on Facebook and Instagram. If someone reports that post, then Facebook or Instagram will block your account.
3. Suspicious people should not add on Facebook. Before accepting any friend request at any time, his profile must be checked.