Is antivirus really necessary on mobile?

On iPhone, it would be useless to install a system against malicious programs, but in the case of Android the answer is not so obvious

Practically no one would think of using a PC without having the proper protection of an antivirus and firewall, but… Is there the same awareness of risk in a mobile phone? In fact, smartphones today know many more secrets of their owners than computers.

The question goes much further, since the use of antivirus on mobile is not usual and depending on the platform, it is not really necessary either.

Google and Apple, owners of the dominant platforms Android and iOS, approach the security of their devices in a very different way, and although both operating systems are very secure, the iPhone wins this battle due to an architectural issue. It is not necessary to have an antivirus on the iPhone in fact it is technically impossible.

Android security

Generally, it is not necessary. Android includes sufficient security measures, such as Google Play Protect or blocking the installation of apps from unknown sources. In this regard, the great improvement in the security of the platform occurred with the arrival of Google Play Protect, a control filter similar to that established by Apple in its App Store, which analyzes existing applications on Google Play but also leads to carry out a permanent analysis of the behavior of those that are already installed. Current versions of Android are very secure, but in this case, the question may be pertinent: is it necessary to use an antivirus?

The maximum-security on the platforms lies in downloading only applications from official stores. The most common way to get infected by a virus on the mobile phone is through third-party applications. Therefore, it is important to use only reliable sources when downloading them, which assure us that they have not been manipulated by third parties”. Thus, by installing applications only from Google Play (avoiding venturing with APKs) under the protection of Google Play Protect, the user of an Android mobile can rest easy. But you should never let your guard down.

So, antivirus, yes or no?

The antivirus on the iPhone would not only be useless, but it is also impossible.

In the case of Android, the answer is not so obvious. For this expert, the exclusive download of applications from Google Play is not a sufficient guarantee: “Even if an application is downloaded from official stores, most of the free ones remain that way by displaying third-party advertising messages.

Researchers have found that since the ad code comes from remote servers, it can contain all sorts of harmful things, including so-called root applications that can take control of the phone. ”