Has your email account been hacked? Find out with just two easy steps

Do you also think that your email account has been hacked? If you have any doubt about this, then there is no need to worry. We are telling you such a method, with the help of which hacking can be detected easily.

In some recent reports, it has been claimed that the data of crores of users has been leaked from the social media site Facebook.

Check hacking like this

If you feel that your email account has also been hacked, then you can check by going to

Enter your email account, According to the information, you can find out about hacking by entering your email id in If the signal comes green then you are safe. But if the information is seen in brown color, then understand that your account has been hacked.

 Instantly change your password

If there is a risk of hacking in the system, then immediately change the password of your email account. Keep your password strong so that it can be protected from being hacked.