WhatsApp Tips: No one will know whether you have read WhatsApp message or not

Kathmandu: WhatsApp for instant messages has become popular all over the world today. The number of users is constantly increasing. Sending and receiving messages, photos, and videos through WhatsApp is extremely easy. Let us tell you that since the arrival of Blue Tink notifications, things have changed a lot. To know whether or not others have read your message, you have to keep the Bluetooth on, but by doing this you cannot read the WhatsApp message of others in a secret way.

If you read a message, then it will appear on the screen as a double blue tick, which will tell that your message has been read. But if you want no one to know whether you have read the message or not, then there are some tips. Here we are telling you some special tips.

  • First of all, you have to turn on WhatsApp notifications on your phone
  • Wait for someone to message Whatsapp
  • As soon as someone WhatsApp message, then unlock the device without wiping it
  • To read the full WhatsApp notifications on the phone, long press down. This will allow you to read the message in the notification itself
  • While using this trick, note that you do not swipe before reading the notification
  • Keep in mind that this trick only works on smartphones that work on Android version 9.0 or above and iOS 13.

Hopefully, the tips given will be very helpful for you. Also, read 

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