PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Changing these settings will make a difference

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

If you are a new player in PUBG Mobile and are looking for better settings straight away avoiding the hassle of understanding the settings of the game. Here we are giving you information about the best settings of PUBG Mobile.

It has been more than two years since PUBG Mobile was launched, millions of people have joined this game. PUBG Mobile is one of the best and extremely popular Battle Royale games with a 60 million player base. if you have just started playing PUBG Mobile, then you must have known that the settings from graphics to controls are very important in this game. Although the default settings in the game are also good, by changing them according to you, you can make the game better. We have looked at all the settings in PUBG Mobile and have brought some tips for you so that you do not have to waste your time in these settings.

Performing well in PUBG Mobile or having a chicken dinner depends on your playing skills, but yes you can improve your game to some extent by changing the game’s settings, there are no opinions. So if you too are a new player of PUBG Mobile and are looking for better settings straight away avoiding the hassle of understanding the settings of the game, then you are in the right place. Here we are giving you information about the best settings of PUBG Mobile.

Set graphics settings by phone

When the PUBG Mobile is first opened on the phone, the game sets the graphics settings according to the smartphone, but sometimes changing the graphics also gives a good effect on the gameplay. New mid-range smartphones coming today also have the ability to run PUBG Mobile at high graphics settings, but still, if you feel that the game sometimes lags or the phone gets hot after playing for a while, You can reduce the graphics on the game’s settings.

For this, you go to the ‘Settings’ of your game and the ‘Graphics’ on the right side thereTap on Here you will find many options. If you are running a mobile phone with good hardware and a high-speed stable internet connection, you can make these settings at high, and if your phone is a bit old or a budget smartphone, you can change the settings to mid or low tomorrow. Many times, on a budget phone, the graphics are low and the frame rate is increased even if the fun of playing the game increases. These settings depend on the user’s phone and internet connection, so we would advise you to try them out according to your game.

Change visual style

You will also see some visual options in ‘Graphics’ inside the ‘Settings’ of Mobile. Here Classic, Colorful, Realistic, or Soft options are available. This changes the color tone in the game. While this only makes the game different in terms of appearance, some players claim that Colorful Mode helps them spot enemies easily. However, these are only claims and we do not confirm them. PUBG mobiles have a lot of colorful outfits, and this may be the reason why players will see these outfits more colorful in colorful mode, which makes them look like players hiding in the grass.

Although our team has different opinions on this, most people like the classic mode. In such a situation, we suggest that you examine all these options by yourself and find out which option suits you according to your phone.

Set controls

Not only the new players, but the masters of PUBG Mobile are also often looking for control settings. Players have countless options to set their controls.

In the game, the player can set the buttons anywhere on the screen according to his own. In such a situation, many players keep searching for the best pubg control settings on the Internet. You can change your controls by tapping on the ‘Controls’ option on the right side inside the ‘Settings’ of the game. Here you will find many pre-set settings. The player also has 3 layouts inside these three presets. You can save three types of settings here. You can save three types of settings in each layout according to you.

If you use a trigger, you can set one layout.

according to the trigger settings and set the other two to clo grip settings or normal settings. Many players set these layouts according to the different button sizes.

Set the controls of the car too

Like the player, you can also set the controls of the car. The game comes with three pre-set options. It completely depends on you which option you choose. We would advise you to play some games with these three settings and see what settings you are able to drive well. For this, you go to ‘Settings’ of the game and choose the tab ‘Vocal’ in the fourth number.

Turn on Aim assist

If you are a new player then this Aim Assist will come in handy for you. Aim Assist makes it easier to hit the enemy. Turning it on will automatically put an Aim on the enemy in the game, but remember that it is not accurate, but if you are a new player, it would be good for you to start with Aim Assist, but we will give you this after a while. I would recommend turning off the option. You can also see ‘Aim Assist’ at the top of the Basic tab inside the game’s settings.

Turn on peak and fire

This option is turned off by default in the game. You may have seen many players peeping through the building windows, doors, or behind trees and stones in the game. It is awesome for peak and fire. With Peak & Fire, you can peek out behind a cover just by taking your head out and shooting enemies. This hides your body inside the lid and makes you less likely to be shot. If you master this feature then you can save yourself and reach the chicken dinner easily. You can see Peek & Fire under the ‘Basic ‘ tab on the right side inside the game’s settings. Also, an option Peek & Open Scope

Also happens. In the peak and open scope option, the scope opens automatically as soon as you press the peak button. We would advise you to enable this option as well. You can see this option next to Peak and Fire.

Set automatic loot limit

In PUBG Mobile, your character automatically picks up the loot, but you can also choose the limit of the loot from yourself. The game has a limit for each category, in which it determines in advance how much bullets or ammo your character will pick up. You can change it by yourself. We would advise you to reduce the number of bullets slightly and increase the number of health and grenades slightly. You can also set amo according to the guns in it. For this option go to ‘Settings’ of the game and open the sixth tab ‘ Pick Up’ on the right. Here you can make your own setting.PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Change sensitivity

According to the new player the sensitivity in the game is reduced, but even then changing it can make your game better. Sensitivity means how sensitive your touch is. Sliding your thumb or finger across the screen allows you to change how fast the player turns or your gun. If you reduce the sensitivity of the game, then sliding the finger or thumb on your screen, the player slowly turns and if you have opened the scope of the gun, your gun moves slowly.PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Also you increase the sensitivity then this work is done faster. If you are a new player, we would advise you to keep the sensitivity at ‘low’ or ‘medium’.

With this, you can easily move your player around and it will also be easy for you to open the score and aim. You can also set different sensitivity for different scores, but we would advise you to keep with the ‘Low’ and ‘Medium’ settings already set in the beginning. You can change this setting by going to the fifth tab ‘Sensitivity’ under the ‘Settings’ of the game.

Change the color of the crosshairs

Crosshairs speak of the gunshot aime coming into your game, which looks like a ‘ + ‘. The game also has many color options. You can change its color according to you. We would advise you to apply the color that you can comfortably see in the grass. You can set different colors on the crosshairs of different scopes. For this, you have to go to the settings of the game and select the seventh tab ‘Scope’ on the right.PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Turn off mic and speaker

Every new player of PUBG Mobile is often heard shouting at other players or sometimes because you’re not playing well. In such a situation, new players are unable to focus on their game due to anger. Let me tell you here that now PUBG Mobile has given many options for mic and speaker. In the game, you can turn off your mic.

If you are upset with the other players of your team, you can turn off the sound of the entire team through the speaker icon on the right side of the screen. You also have this option if you want to reduce or stop the voice of one player in the team. For this, you have to tap on the speaker and slide the volume bar named after the player. This will allow you to focus better on your game.

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