Why stop using Facebook in 2020?

Facebook is a platform where we can share anything from senseless photos or thoughts to an extremely criminal scene.(Facebook Addiction) it plays a vital role in connecting the world in this modern era. Most people still confused either to use Facebook or stop using it. It depends on you, how you use Facebook. Out of many functions of facebook which to use and which not to. Here are some reasons you should keep a distance from Facebook : 

Facebook addiction:

(A serious problem) We usually use Facebook as a time-killing, informative and connective software. A general teenager is spending 3-6 hours on Facebook which is a drastic loss. Knowing or unknowingly we all are being a victim of Facebook addiction. It keeps us mentally attached to itself without our consciousness

Fake accounts:

Creating a fake account is as simple as breathing. Every human doesn’t have good intentions. Some people keep doing rubbish activities using a fake account. Threatening, bullying, leaking personal information, performing criminal activities major problems created by fake accounts on Facebook.


Do sexy headlines attract you? Not all the time you open a blog with sexy headlines can meet your expectations from the context. Several posts know to attract people with there headlines and end up spreading viruses. Have you ever known someone who has won the iPhone just by sharing the photo of iPhone’s post and liking the page? Next time doesn’t fool by doing free marketing.

 Low privacy: Is Facebook trustworthy enough to share your data? Some of your data you post on small groups can end up being viral all over 14 million users of Facebook. You cannot stop anyone to view your post even if you block the person, they can get access from a fake account or hacking your account. So it isn’t proving private enough to share everything you want.

 Hacking: Hacking prove very easy once you get into it. Some great hackers around the world are still able to access every single account on Facebook. Hundreds of hacking methods will surely work and make you a victim in no time. There’s a chance some people might be using your account and you will have no idea until hacker makes a blunder mistake, picking your unposted data and sharing it is also a good example of hacking. So, make sure you secured enough.

Be careful while using Facebook and sharing data on Facebook.

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