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What’s new in the newly launched MacBook Air 2020?

Apple introduces a new MacBook Air in the year 2020 with new features and upgrades as well. The upgrades made with the quality of pixels, powerful processors, speakers, and so on. This time the MacBook is not just ultra-thin and light but powerful than ever as well.

Source: Apple

Light, thin but more Powerful

The MacBooks have always been super thin and light. But this time, Apple launches MacBook Air 2020 with more power than ever. This latest MacBook Air features a brilliant retina display along with 4 million pixels, new magic keyboard, Touch ID, 2x processing speed, better and faster graphics, and 2x storage capacity.

Source: Apple

Retina Display with over 4 Million pixels

Apple never disappoints the users with the new products and now Apple introduces MacBook Air with 13.3″ retina display and a screen resolution of 2560×1600 with more than 4 million pixels (approx. 4,096,000 pixels). The display provides more realistic images with jaw-dropping quality. Images were taken on a new level and texts are more dense and clear. Not only the images but with Apple’s True Tone tech, the display adjusted with the environment and its temperature providing a natural printed like the page.

2x Performance

This time Apple has introduced the MacBook Air 2020 with 2x faster CPU performance, quad-core Intel i7 processor, 80% faster GPU performance, and 2x storage capacity in 2.8 pounds (approx. 1.27 kg) MacBook. This MacBook has proven itself as one of the best-budgeted notebook within $1000. In comparison with earlier MacBook Air, this time the storage starts with 256 GB to 2 TB storage space which is double the standard configuration of earlier MacBook Air. The high-performance memory of 16GB 3733MHz gives you options of opening more apps flawlessly for multitasking as well.

Source: Laptopmag

Feel the magic with New Magic Keyboard.

The new Magic Keyboard gives you a new experience of convenient, responsive, and quiet typing as a refined scissor mechanism has been used and delivered. This keyboard gives flawless and convenient typing along with line of codes, spreadsheets, or giving environments. The magic Keyboard also facilitates with backlight keys with ambient light sensors that offer and helps while typing in low light areas or with no light. However, Apple has equipped the same keyboard as a 16-inch MacBook Pro in this MacBook Air.

Source: Metro

Click anywhere with Force Touch Trackpad

Now, MacBook Air gives you 20% more room for Multi-touch gestures as Force Touch Trackpad used. The Force Touch Trackpad has facilitated and decreased the inner thickness of the trackpad. You can click anywhere i.e. with pressure vibration produced giving you an experience as if u clicked. No matter where you click in the trackpad area, you have a precise area control and uniform response along with the Multi-touch gestures such as pinch and zoom.

Touch ID as Your Password.

Touch IDs used in smartphones to unlock the device. The same feature implemented in MacBook Air 2020. Now you don’t have to input your passwords, just place your finger to unlock. Use your fingerprint in order to access locked images, documents, and files without entering the password. Online Payment made easier with Apple Pay. With TouchID everything i.e. your files and private info stays private.

Loud and Clear Sound as well as HD Camera

Now, the sound systems in the MacBook Air upgraded with 25 percent louder sound, double the bass, HD FaceTime for one-to-one and group video calls. The latest in processing and tuning techniques, the MacBook Air sounds better than ever. The use of 3 microphones gives you an experience of clearer and more accurate voice calls.

Source: Laptopmag

Multipurpose Thunderbolt 3.

The Thunderbolt 3 is an upgraded and better version of Thunderbolt 2. The Thunderbolt 3 is a result of ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-versatility of the USB Type-C standard for multipurpose. The MacBook Air consists of 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports that used and integrated for charging purpose, data transfer, video output, delivering up to 2x of throughput than that of Thunderbolt 3. As Type-C port used for Thunderbolt, it is reversible and the user needs not to care and see much for the port. If the user plans to use a mouse or an SD card, s/he will be needing a dongle or a USB Type-C hub.

Source: Laptopmag

Apple T2 Security Chip

MacBook Air 2020 embedded with an additional chip for security i.e. Apple T2 Security Chip. The T2 chip the second-generation custom Mac silicon chip designed by Apple. When TouchID used to unlock the locked files, make payments, and so on, your information is safe. The security chip encrypts every vital information like passwords, TouchID, billing info and so on which stored automatically in the SSD of the MacBook.

Material Used

The main interesting fact about MacBook Air is that its material used. The MacBook Air made up of 100% recycled aluminum.

Built-in Apps and other Features

Every Mac comes with built apps such as Safari, Main, Cloud, and so on. macOS Catalina also has taken the MacBook to another level which gives new features such as aa an iPad being used as the second display of the Mac.

Source: Apple

The MacBook Air 2020 is one of the best notebooks which is ultra-thin and light yet more powerful and consists of other speculative and jaw-dropping features whose starting price is $999.

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