Coronavirus: Should you be cleaning your smartphone?

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has people questioning their everyday behaviours. How do you work from home? Should you be going to the gym? Of course, the advice everyone is being given is to self-isolate if you have symptoms, avoid gatherings as much as possible and wash your hands regularly. 

However, if you’re picking up harmful bacteria and washing your hands clean, only to pick up your phone and log into Whatsapp, you’re undoing all that hard work. So yes,  one of your changing behaviours should be to clean your phone and other devices such as your laptop on a regular basis.

Phones are, quite frankly, disgusting. As far back as 2011, phones were being examined for hygiene-related reasons, and it was found one in every six devices were carrying traces of faecal matter. Gross. Now, the global pandemic means hygiene is more important than ever, and that extends to your devices. 

Bacteria including those causing novel coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to three days, according to professors from Princeton and the University of Los Angeles. Although fewer individuals touch your phone than a door handle, for instance, the danger is in picking up viruses living on your phone and passing them on to other people, even after you’ve washed your hands.


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